Filipino Dating: Where to Take Filipino Girls

Posted by admin on Jul 25 2012 | Filipino Women

There is no doubt Filipino brides are the most sought after women in the world because of the qualities which make them the perfect life partner. Filipino girls are caring, thoughtful, patient and very much family-oriented. You would not find any other woman who will be as loyal and committed as a Filipino girl.

For this reason, you need to make extra effort to make a good impression during the dating stage. But, you should realize Filipino dating is a much serious affair and it will actually determine the success of the relationship.

So where can you take Filipino girls?

Romantic places – you should know by now Filipino girls love to be wooed and you can make her feel special by taking her to romantic places such as candlelit dinners and cozy cafes. Just think of an intimate place where you can talk quietly and get to know her better. These places are perfect for the first couple of dates.

Fun places – after going out a couple of times and finally seeing how pleasant she is to be with, you can now take her to more casual and relaxed places. Somewhere you know she will have a good time like a theme park or a disco bar. You will find that in her relaxed mood she is more willing to talk about her interests, her family and her plans for the future. She will also be more open to asking you questions with her shyness gone.

Simple places – you need to keep in mind most Filipino girls are not impressed with glitz or glamor. She is the most comfortable with simple and familiar places. You might want to ask her where she wants to go if you are unsure about where you can take her. If she leaves the decision to you, do not go overboard with trying to impress her. She will see through you and might think you are not serious about getting to know her at all.

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