Filipino Dating 101: The First Date

Posted by admin on Jul 05 2012 | Filipino Women

After finally getting her to go out with you, you will need to be prepared for the first date. You have to understand this is perhaps the most important date you will ever have with Filipino girls as it will establish the first and final impression she will have of you. Of course, this first date is your way of getting to know her better and see if you would like to ask her out again.

Since you will most likely not be familiar with Filipino dating rituals, consider the following tips:

Arrive on time or even earlier. Filipino girls will appreciate punctuality as they are punctual themselves. Also, it will flatter her that you are excited to see her and do not want to make her wait.  In case you are running late, be gracious enough to let her know you will be late so she can come later or at least, not get turned off. She might think you are also presumptuous she will be waiting for you.

Look and smell good. Personal hygiene is important in Filipino dating and you need to make an effort to not only look good but also smell good. Take a bath and brush your teeth before your date and wear something appropriate. If you are coming from a business meeting, be sure to have a change of clothes with you so you will not appear all wrinkly. Lastly, put on some light-scented perfume or cologne. Be sure not to overdo it though.

Be entertaining. You will find out Filipino girls are quite pleasant and enjoyable to be around with which explains the popularity of Filipino brides among foreign men. For this reason, you should also be entertaining yourself so she will have fun. Be funny and try to engage her in topics which you are both interested in.


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