2 Important Things to Notice in Filipino Dating,Asian Dating

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There are many cyber crimes that sometimes put someone else into danger or in a very inconvenience situation. Fraud and breach are two common crimes occurred in cyber world. These criminals steal someone’s personal data from their e-mail accounts or any social network then use this information to create false accounts. This kind of practice is called fraud or phishing (phony fishing). Breaching a system is similar to hacking, where someone makes an illegal access to your system and somehow manipulates it for his own purposes.
Some online dating sites preserve their members’ personal information in their system and keep it at maximum protection. However, this does not guarantee that their system is without risk. There are always people out there who will put their best endeavors to interfere these sites’ systems.
People who participate in this online dating come from different backgrounds, origins, and social status. This wide range of network has certain leak which might be exploited and manipulated by people with bad intentions.
Asian dating sites that have the most populous membership will certainly face such problems. Filipino girls who are at the top rank of most wanted partners in these sites should be very careful with those common crimes.
1. Find out who you are talking to
First practice you should do is to find out the person you are involved with. Make sure that they are not fictitious or giving false information that will mislead you. Most Asian dating sites have a maximum protection system to avoid such fraud by giving some questionnaires to be filled up when new members are joining, so the system will automatically qualify whether this person is real or not. But some tricky persons still can manipulate their data and harm others. If you want to know whether this person is real or false, you can ask them to go face-to-face using any video chatting feature such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or any available live messengers you are familiar with. False persons will avoid such request and make so many excuses to escape from it. Never put your 100% trust to these persons unless you have more evidences to prove.
2.  Falsification of relationship status
John Lorne McDonald, a British man, met a Filipino woman named Nanqueen Romero in an Asian dating site. In September 2010, Anselmo Locastales came to meet John and stabbed him to death. Anselmo was a Filipino man who was still involved with Nanqueen. He was jealous that his girl friend had a relationship with this British man. Nanqueen proclaimed herself as a single Filipino girl, which was not true. This false relationship status could endanger you and put you in a very inconvenience and complicated situation.
Filipino dating is a rewarding and successful way of meeting your Filipino bride but do your homework when you find that special person to be sure they are who they say they are and do not send money until the relationship is well established it will save you a broken heart and a genuine member will not mind doing a personal online video chat.

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