A spear to Filipino bride’s heart

Posted by admin on Feb 27 2012 | Filipino Women

Asia is an exotic and mysterious continent. That is the perception of some western people, where according to them Asia is full of uniqueness, mystery, exciting and different things that they would never encounter in their world. The beauty and the exotica of Asia are so riveting to the western world, so no wonder if they often visit to enjoy the beauty of Asia.

The natural beauty of Asia is not the only interesting attraction ever prevails. There are many people who admire the beauty of Asian culture. Moreover, this is the fraction of Asian exotica, Asian-style wedding traditions from one of the biggest Southeast Asian countries, Philippines.

The old tradition of the Philippines wedding was that the groom would throw and stick a spear in front of his Filipino bride‘s house. This act to represent that he has revealed his heart and wooed the girl to be his future wife. And there will be no other man allowed to come between their marriages.

The old Filipinos’ wedding ceremony was performed more than one day, mostly three days. After they make a sacred marriage pledge, the hands of Filipino bride and her groom will be united in a ribbon or rope to represent the union of their hearts and nobody should ever separate this couple. These days not many Filipinos girls are following this old tradition and they prefer to perform their wedding ceremony in Catholic’s rituals.

Most Filipinos women still have the beliefs that have no scientific or logical explanation, but these beliefs are probably supported by previous experiences (which sometimes they are regarded as mere coincidence). The existing beliefs are as follows Filipino bride should not try the wedding dress before the wedding day, the groom sitting in front of Filipino bride during the wedding ceremony is believed to be a henpecked-husband, the groom should appear at the church prior to his bride in order to evade any contretemps. In the old Filipino wedding ceremony, the future groom threw his spear at the front steps of his future wife’s house to represent that the girl has been wooed. But nowadays this symbol of engagement is represented by a ring which is considered to be its appropriate and sufficient presentation.

When the couple announces their plan to get married, they should attend to the first order of the wedding ceremony which is called pamanhikan. This order shows that the groom and his parents will come to visit Filipino bride‘s family to seek for the bride’s approval in their marriage. They will then reconsider and decide their wedding plans at this very moment, including the budget plan and the list of guests from both parties. Later that day, the future groom will be expected to perform some tasks or participate in domestic affairs of his bride’s house. This tradition is called paninilbihan, where the groom to-be makes a service to his future wife’s family to get their approval.

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