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Asian kids of the provinces.

For many visitors to the Philippines the more common travel itenary is to follow the million other tourists following the well trodden tourist destinations this been in and around the cities,tourist attractions like the major temples,zoos and theme parks with a visit to the beaches and Islands, now while this is the most convenient and comfortable it is also the most expensive way to explore the country.

To get a real feel for the Philippines and Asia in general is to explore off the beaten track moving out to the provinces and villages, this is where the true Asian experience can be found seeing how the rural locals get on with life.

One thing you will notice is the village kids who range between cheeky and very shy if the village is far enough out you the foreigner will be the attraction of the day they will likely stare at you and follow you having a laugh at your expense and that is all good, many of these kids live rough but always have a smile and laugh with little doubt they have a good time despite the village conditions, this is a refreshing change from the cities where your only connection to children will be the beggars on the street.

Many of the Single Filipino girls who are dating online live in villagers or come from villagers so at sometime if marriage is in the air you will be experiencing a little bit of the rural lifestyle and it will be something to look forward to.

There is not a lot of shopping going on in the villagers so for your Filipino bride to be who may have children of her own or young brothers and sisters it is a good idea to buy small gifts in the city like combs,mirrors,soft toys,lollies etc for them and if the village is small having a lolly scramble for the local kids will make you popular indeed.
The Filipino women as for women in general have a lot of time for the kids,playing with them and helping them out,for you it could be fixing their run down bike, by doing this with her it will place you in good stead as she will be picturing you with your children in the future if she decides to go from girlfriend to Asian bride to be.

The Family will also want to see that the foreign man who marries their daughter will be of good heart these first steps are very important to marriage within the Asian community some gifts for the parents also advisable.

I am sure you would enjoy a week or 2 at the Filipina girls village you can see the rice patties been farmed the buffalo in action and try some tasty village treats.

Helping get your Pinay lady love’s brothers and friends drunk along with the local village lads can be expected, but that is all good as well if you do not drink as long as you keep filling up their glasses I am sure they will let you away with it.

You will have to get used to roosters crowing,the early morning village awakening with the banging of pots and pans the cackle of old motorbikes and the bells on the buffalo plus the village kids starting their playful day as many will likely not be going to school, this is all part of the experience and your Filipino bride to be will love you for it.

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