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Dating Filipina Girls series.

Visiting zoos when traveling to other countries is something I like to do maybe Im a bit of a animal lover but it is generally the most peaceful place in a big city environment and if you pick your times right not to crowded,I think it is a ideal first date with a great relaxed atmosphere,plenty to see and talk about,they say if you can make the girl laugh you are half way there so why not let the animals do that for you.
When the legs get tired there a cafes to relax in for a snack and drink without the hefty prices of western zoos and perfect setting for your Single Filipino Girl to relax and enjoy herself and get to know you with out the pressure of family,friends and crowds that you would get at the heavily trodded tourist spots,restaurants and nightclubs.

One place you can go with your Filipina girl is The Manila Zoological and Botanical Garden located in Manila it is one of Asias oldest zoos it has the usual range of animals like elephant and crocodile etc
It is a decent size park I am sure you can get lost in for the day make full use of the Botanical gardens not just the big cats,flowers and plants might not be your calling but the Filipina girl you are on a date with will most certainly want to see and enjoy it.
If your lady friend has children there is playgrounds at the zoo for the Kids.
with 500 animals and over 100 species of animals,birds and reptiles it is fun for the children as well.

Another animal park is Avilion about a hours drive from Quezon city a popular destination for tourists in itself so a hours drive to the park is a good sight seeing trip in itself with a day at the park with potentially your Filipino Bride to be is well worth the journey.

At nearly 8 hectares finding space for each other will not be hard and with 3000 animals and 600 species you will have plenty of distractions to keep yourselves amused,enjoying the company of the animals and each other once again their are food shops and cafes to rest sore feet and relax.

supporting wild life and Zoos is for a good cause our entry tickets pays for the animals food and up keep include a donation if you can afford it.

Add this to your “to do list” and happy dating in the Philippines.

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