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There are a good showing of Australian men on our singles dating site this is great to see and only a matter of time before the Ozzie men and Filipino women end up in relationships,it would be interesting to know how many already have.
So what does a Filipino bride have waiting for her in Australia well the good news is she will not be going to the bitter cold of a European winter or the cold wind of New Zealand it will be pleasant,certainly a lot warmer in the northern top half of Australia but even in the south warm sunny days prevail.
If the Filipino women comes from the provinces and villagers she may find the cities especially Sydney rather daunting but as far a world cities go they are small,well laid out and no real no go areas.
The spouse visa usually allows for working so many of the prospective Filipina brides can do some work while getting to know their groom,the money is better than the Philippines and that is great for sending some money to the family as the exchange rates are favorable.
In the cities there is maid and nanny work which the Filipino ladies seem to enjoy and excel at,in the spring and summer there is plenty of seasonal work which if you work hard is good money,picking vegetables and fruit.
The Australian public are pretty good with the incoming Asian ladies there are some who may be rude but that happens everywhere including to westerners in Asia.
The new couples intent would be in pleasing each other not taking notice what the public has to say.
Australia is not a easy place to get a spouse visa approved,great care needs to be taken on the interviews and filling out the forms a few mistakes can shoot you plans down in flames,your families will want to know about you and why you would want to get married consider the Australian immigration the same way except they will want to know a lot more.
I believe once the visa battle has been won Australia is the ideal destination for Thai women and Filipina women.

Australia is part of Asia so the time zones are not far apart,8 hours in the plane will get you most places in Asia from Sydney.

There are many Asian communities in Australia if the Filipino girl wishes to spend time with her own it would not be hard to do.

Fun Dating for all…enjoy

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