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Asian dating to accommodate the lack of social time for most Filipino women

Posted by admin on Nov 13 2012 | Filipino Women

The world seemed endless. In the virtual world, people are not giving any attention to someone’s citizenship status. Everyone can be friends, or even find a partner through social networks. Making friends in cyber space is quite common practice, but looking for a partner in social network certainly has a high risk because people will easily give away their fake profiles to cover themselves. Due to this reason, many people begin to find a partner through a dating site. Filipino women are amongst these people who would spend some of their time engaging in Asian dating sites. Yup, who would have thought a lot of dating sites scattered in cyber space. It could be triggered by their lack of social time due to their working pressures.

It is an interesting fact that Asian dating sites offer unlimited options for their users such as expatriate lovers. You can search through the Asian dating sites with international network.
Those sites are not only presenting these Filipino women with their fellow Philippines, but also foreigners from all over the world who are also the members of the Asian dating sites. Although those sites are relatively safe because their providers always maintain their confidentiality for each member’s private information, such sites are not without risk.
By simply providing the facility of communication between its members, this site can not guarantee whether the members are real people you’re looking for. This site also does not facilitate with a meeting date to remember members spread across many countries. But, from the success stories of its members, it seems that there are many real people using these dating sites to look for foreign men or women. These sites also provide special preference for its members, such as a particular religion or a particular sexual preference.

Just like other social networking, of course you have to be careful and know the risks and consequences when registering as a member of a dating site. Of course you cannot easily believe in merely a handful of information and images, can you? The information provided by these people are not 100% guaranteed as genuine. You should really investigate the background of the person you are being involved with before it is proven that they are real and genuine. Remember that if you are engaged in any dating site such as Asian dating where they have wide range of members, you should be very careful.

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Qualities of Filipino Girls

Posted by admin on Aug 23 2012 | Filipino Women

When it comes to Filipino dating, you have to understand there is an entirely different culture you have to deal with. Unlike other women Filipino girls possess qualities which are rooted on their culture and faith. So if you are truly looking for a Filipino bride and you want to enjoy a successful and lasting marriage, you might want to get to know these lovely women first.

Filipino girls are patient.

You will never find other women who are as patient as Filipino girls. They can endure the most difficult of circumstances without batting an eyelash. They are also more accepting of other people’s mistakes and are quick to forgive. Such traits are certainly ideal especially in a partner. But beware, like any other person, they have limits and you would not want to earn their ire especially after being very patient with you as you would have a hard time consoling her and making amends.

Filipino girls are sweet and caring.

This is perhaps the reason why Filipino girls are quite popular in the dating arena as they are known to be caring and loveable. You will be delighted with their thoughtfulness, even putting the needs of their partners or children first before their own. With such traits, you would want to reciprocate with the same level of sweetness and caring. If you do you will be rewarded with more love and care.

Filipino girls are family-oriented.

If you are looking for someone who you would like to raise a family with, you will never go wrong with Filipino brides. They are very much family-oriented, most of which put their careers on hold so they can stay at home, raise the kids and take care of the household. They will always put your family’s interest on her list of priorities.

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Filipino Dating: Where to Take Filipino Girls

Posted by admin on Jul 25 2012 | Filipino Women

There is no doubt Filipino brides are the most sought after women in the world because of the qualities which make them the perfect life partner. Filipino girls are caring, thoughtful, patient and very much family-oriented. You would not find any other woman who will be as loyal and committed as a Filipino girl.

For this reason, you need to make extra effort to make a good impression during the dating stage. But, you should realize Filipino dating is a much serious affair and it will actually determine the success of the relationship.

So where can you take Filipino girls?

Romantic places – you should know by now Filipino girls love to be wooed and you can make her feel special by taking her to romantic places such as candlelit dinners and cozy cafes. Just think of an intimate place where you can talk quietly and get to know her better. These places are perfect for the first couple of dates.

Fun places – after going out a couple of times and finally seeing how pleasant she is to be with, you can now take her to more casual and relaxed places. Somewhere you know she will have a good time like a theme park or a disco bar. You will find that in her relaxed mood she is more willing to talk about her interests, her family and her plans for the future. She will also be more open to asking you questions with her shyness gone.

Simple places – you need to keep in mind most Filipino girls are not impressed with glitz or glamor. She is the most comfortable with simple and familiar places. You might want to ask her where she wants to go if you are unsure about where you can take her. If she leaves the decision to you, do not go overboard with trying to impress her. She will see through you and might think you are not serious about getting to know her at all.

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Filipino Dating 101: The First Date

Posted by admin on Jul 05 2012 | Filipino Women

After finally getting her to go out with you, you will need to be prepared for the first date. You have to understand this is perhaps the most important date you will ever have with Filipino girls as it will establish the first and final impression she will have of you. Of course, this first date is your way of getting to know her better and see if you would like to ask her out again.

Since you will most likely not be familiar with Filipino dating rituals, consider the following tips:

Arrive on time or even earlier. Filipino girls will appreciate punctuality as they are punctual themselves. Also, it will flatter her that you are excited to see her and do not want to make her wait.  In case you are running late, be gracious enough to let her know you will be late so she can come later or at least, not get turned off. She might think you are also presumptuous she will be waiting for you.

Look and smell good. Personal hygiene is important in Filipino dating and you need to make an effort to not only look good but also smell good. Take a bath and brush your teeth before your date and wear something appropriate. If you are coming from a business meeting, be sure to have a change of clothes with you so you will not appear all wrinkly. Lastly, put on some light-scented perfume or cologne. Be sure not to overdo it though.

Be entertaining. You will find out Filipino girls are quite pleasant and enjoyable to be around with which explains the popularity of Filipino brides among foreign men. For this reason, you should also be entertaining yourself so she will have fun. Be funny and try to engage her in topics which you are both interested in.


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3 Simple Filipino Dating Tips

Posted by admin on Jun 05 2012 | Filipino Women

When it comes to dating Filipino girls, there are certain things you need to look out for. After all, you will find Filipino dating to be a much more serious matter compared to other foreign dating rituals which are really very casual. Of course, dating Filipino girls means you are interested in getting to know her because you already like her.

So, to make sure you make a god impression, check out the following tips:

Be a gentleman. Filipino girls are inherently conservative especially with most of them growing up in a family with strong religious background. They will appreciate it very much if you act gentlemanly like opening the car door for her, assisting her out of the car or pulling out a chair for her. These actions might seem outdated but are still very much appreciated in the country.

Be truly interested. If you are looking for a lifelong commitment and consider Filipino brides to be a good choice, then you should make sure you are interested in her and her family during the dating stage. This is the perfect time you will be able to see who she is, what her values and priorities are and find out if she is indeed suitable as a partner.

Be honest. Filipino dating does not only mean getting to know the Filipino girls. It is also about them getting to know you. You need to talk about yourself honestly yet in a humble manner. Do not pretend to be someone you are not as this will only lead to confusion and the Filipino girls feeling led on. You need not be detailed if you do not want at first but simply give her an idea who you really are. This will also help her see if you have anything in common and decide if she still wants to go out with you next time.

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2 Important Things to Notice in Filipino Dating,Asian Dating

Posted by admin on May 27 2012 | Filipino Women

There are many cyber crimes that sometimes put someone else into danger or in a very inconvenience situation. Fraud and breach are two common crimes occurred in cyber world. These criminals steal someone’s personal data from their e-mail accounts or any social network then use this information to create false accounts. This kind of practice is called fraud or phishing (phony fishing). Breaching a system is similar to hacking, where someone makes an illegal access to your system and somehow manipulates it for his own purposes.
Some online dating sites preserve their members’ personal information in their system and keep it at maximum protection. However, this does not guarantee that their system is without risk. There are always people out there who will put their best endeavors to interfere these sites’ systems.
People who participate in this online dating come from different backgrounds, origins, and social status. This wide range of network has certain leak which might be exploited and manipulated by people with bad intentions.
Asian dating sites that have the most populous membership will certainly face such problems. Filipino girls who are at the top rank of most wanted partners in these sites should be very careful with those common crimes.
1. Find out who you are talking to
First practice you should do is to find out the person you are involved with. Make sure that they are not fictitious or giving false information that will mislead you. Most Asian dating sites have a maximum protection system to avoid such fraud by giving some questionnaires to be filled up when new members are joining, so the system will automatically qualify whether this person is real or not. But some tricky persons still can manipulate their data and harm others. If you want to know whether this person is real or false, you can ask them to go face-to-face using any video chatting feature such as Skype, Yahoo Messenger, or any available live messengers you are familiar with. False persons will avoid such request and make so many excuses to escape from it. Never put your 100% trust to these persons unless you have more evidences to prove.
2.  Falsification of relationship status
John Lorne McDonald, a British man, met a Filipino woman named Nanqueen Romero in an Asian dating site. In September 2010, Anselmo Locastales came to meet John and stabbed him to death. Anselmo was a Filipino man who was still involved with Nanqueen. He was jealous that his girl friend had a relationship with this British man. Nanqueen proclaimed herself as a single Filipino girl, which was not true. This false relationship status could endanger you and put you in a very inconvenience and complicated situation.
Filipino dating is a rewarding and successful way of meeting your Filipino bride but do your homework when you find that special person to be sure they are who they say they are and do not send money until the relationship is well established it will save you a broken heart and a genuine member will not mind doing a personal online video chat.

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Three days ceremony to marry Filipino bride

Posted by admin on May 06 2012 | Filipino Women

White wedding gowns have been approved as modern wedding costume along with the American influence in the Philippines’ culture. Before this influence, the traditional costume for Filipino bride was in the form of a wedding gown in festive colors or just stylish black to celebrate the wedding. Whilst the groom would wear Barong “Tagalog” a traditional Filipino costume. This costume is made of silk or a fine fabric called Piña-Jusi (a traditional Filipino fabric) which is a semi-transparent, cool, and embroidered at the front side of the shirt. The groom wears a white t-shirt before he puts on his barong, then un-tuck his shirt over his black pants. However, nowadays many Filipino grooms prefer to appear in their conventional black tux, while the male guests still commonly show up in their best barongs.
Ages ago, the old tradition of Philippines wedding ceremony lasted in three days. Filipino girls would be ushered to a priest’s or babaylan’s house at Day 1. This babaylan would join the groom and bride’s hands over a plate filled with raw rice and after that he would give his blessing to this couple. On Day 3, the babaylan would prick the couple’s chest and took their little blood in a cup. This couple would then hand in hand make their sacred vow for three times. The babaylan would feed each of them with cooked rice from the same plate and served them with a drink of water which was already mixed with this couple’s blood. Lastly, the babaylan would bind the couple’s hands and necks with a ribbon, cord, or rope to symbolize their marriage declaration.
Most of Filipino weddings are now held in Catholic ceremony, although some native ceremonies are still preserved. These native ceremonies consist of special sponsors who will act as their witness. The prime sponsor could be parents, godparents, or any respective members in their family such as their respective uncle and aunt, or even counselors. While the special parts such as ceremonial veil, cord, and candles are handled by their Secondary sponsors. There are sponsors called Candle sponsors who will be in charge for two candles which will be used by Filipino bride and groom as a light to represent the union of their families, and as an invocation for Christ to light their marital life. The Filipino bride’s head and shoulders of the groom would be covered with a white veil to represent the union of this couple in one dress. An embroidered cord made of silk called yugal would be draped over the shoulders of Filipino bride, in the shape of eight-figure that symbolizes eternal devotion.

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A spear to Filipino bride’s heart

Posted by admin on Feb 27 2012 | Filipino Women

Asia is an exotic and mysterious continent. That is the perception of some western people, where according to them Asia is full of uniqueness, mystery, exciting and different things that they would never encounter in their world. The beauty and the exotica of Asia are so riveting to the western world, so no wonder if they often visit to enjoy the beauty of Asia.

The natural beauty of Asia is not the only interesting attraction ever prevails. There are many people who admire the beauty of Asian culture. Moreover, this is the fraction of Asian exotica, Asian-style wedding traditions from one of the biggest Southeast Asian countries, Philippines.

The old tradition of the Philippines wedding was that the groom would throw and stick a spear in front of his Filipino bride‘s house. This act to represent that he has revealed his heart and wooed the girl to be his future wife. And there will be no other man allowed to come between their marriages.

The old Filipinos’ wedding ceremony was performed more than one day, mostly three days. After they make a sacred marriage pledge, the hands of Filipino bride and her groom will be united in a ribbon or rope to represent the union of their hearts and nobody should ever separate this couple. These days not many Filipinos girls are following this old tradition and they prefer to perform their wedding ceremony in Catholic’s rituals.

Most Filipinos women still have the beliefs that have no scientific or logical explanation, but these beliefs are probably supported by previous experiences (which sometimes they are regarded as mere coincidence). The existing beliefs are as follows Filipino bride should not try the wedding dress before the wedding day, the groom sitting in front of Filipino bride during the wedding ceremony is believed to be a henpecked-husband, the groom should appear at the church prior to his bride in order to evade any contretemps. In the old Filipino wedding ceremony, the future groom threw his spear at the front steps of his future wife’s house to represent that the girl has been wooed. But nowadays this symbol of engagement is represented by a ring which is considered to be its appropriate and sufficient presentation.

When the couple announces their plan to get married, they should attend to the first order of the wedding ceremony which is called pamanhikan. This order shows that the groom and his parents will come to visit Filipino bride‘s family to seek for the bride’s approval in their marriage. They will then reconsider and decide their wedding plans at this very moment, including the budget plan and the list of guests from both parties. Later that day, the future groom will be expected to perform some tasks or participate in domestic affairs of his bride’s house. This tradition is called paninilbihan, where the groom to-be makes a service to his future wife’s family to get their approval.

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Posted by admin on Jan 15 2012 | Filipino Women

Christmas has come and gone again and the 2012 new years resolutions should be in place is one of your resolutions to find a exotic Asian bride they are not as elusive as one might think thousands of Filipino Singles are waiting for a man and that first message or online chat.
Filipinogirlsdating has many of these wonderful Filipina Women who are frustratingly reaching out in their own search for a life partner there is no need in todays cyber matchmaking world to be single and alone now u can take your pick and even be choosy.

Many men last year met their Asian Bride having taken that first step and are now reaping the benefits of watching their Filipino Women cleaning up the generally untidy bachelor pad,someone to chat and play with and of course keep him company in the nights,is this not worth joining a site and making that first contact,they will tell you yes.

Filipino Single Women are out there and we want you to find them and the Filipino women want to find you.make it happen!!

Make this year the year that will change your life for the better have that special Asian lady on your arm to show off to your family and friends become complete this 2012.

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Natural treasures reflected in the beauty of Filipino girls

Posted by admin on Dec 08 2011 | Filipino Women

Republic of the Philippines is one of Southeast Asia major countries which is located in the west side of Pacific Ocean. This country is bounded by Luzon Strait, South China Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, and Philippine Sea. Its population reaches approximately 94 million people making this Country one of the highest populous countries in the world. Its strategic location which is passed by many travelers from around the world popularizes Philippines. The hospitality of Filipinos also becomes the biggest enticement for people who frequently come to that Country. The beauty of the land, culture and natural wealth, and the friendliness of its people are very valuable assets in the Philippines.

Most of its inhabitants scattered around small islands bounded as Republic of the Philippines contrive this country with cultural treasures, characters diversity of its people. Their culture is a mixture of East and West, where the influence of Chinese, Indonesia, and Malay cultures harmoniously mixed with Spanish and American cultures. Spanish culture strongly predisposes Philippines people and influences their original characters and affecting their lifestyle and culture into more Latinos. Philippines people become popular to other countries due to these cultural diversity and uniqueness.

The beauty of Filipino girls is very well known throughout the world mainly because of their exotic skins as well as their faces from the mixture of western and eastern. Filipino girls’ smile and friendliness are believed to have their own charm that becomes the people’s crest. Many beauty pageants held by the renowned cosmetic companies around the world recognize the beauty and hospitality of these Filipino girls. A very strong influence from their culture, nature and climate becomes the main cause of their natural skin beauty. So, it is not surprising that many people from other countries are interested to get to know them and then establish relationships with them.

This is evidenced by the increasing number of people who are interested in Filipino women at Asian dating sites. Their ability to communicate in some Chinese, Malay, English and Spanish languages makes them more popular amongst others. People are easy to get acquainted with them, talk to them, and have mutual understanding with them due to their excellent communication ability. This is why Filipino women are the most sought assets in many Asian dating sites available nowadays. These foreigners will be then interested to stay in Philippines due to the beauty of its Country, beautiful weather, beautiful people, as well as their decent life standard.

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